Who’s That Girl?

about kirsten aneké


who is kirsten aneké? i’m a jersey girl currently living in LA, working as an influencer marketing manager by day and blogger by night. my mission is to encourage women to embrace their natural selves and live the fabulous life they deserve. i’m a leo and very into zodiac signs, crystals and good energy. a true girly girl, i love all things sparkly, shimmery, or blinged out! hobbies include shopping, writing, drinking champagne and travelling.

Instagram: @kiki_aneke Email: kirsten.aneke@gmail.com

here’s what you can expect on the site:

my life be like – sharing my real life experiences, recommendations and just shit i generally fuck with for your viewing pleasure. ranging from fine dining, designer finds, travel, style and more. promise to always be 100% honest – i would never steer you wrong!

snap gallery – a collage of photography all captured by yours truly. refreshed on a random basis so be sure to check back!

boughetto fab – a collection of articles from my blog’s last life. focusing on tips and tricks for how to live the fab life for less. perfect to take a look through if your purse strings are on the tighter side but you still wanna be fly. because we all deserve the luxe life regardless of how many zeroes are in your bank account, am i right?! (adjective |ˈbo͞oZH·et·toe fab| )

kiki says – sorta like an advice column. as a leo, i’ve always been the protective mom friend in the group, the one that gives the good advice and doesn’t hold back. got a question? i’d be happy to help. submit your questions anonymously here!