Throwing Shade 👓☀️

summer fashion is all about the shades! just like a good piece of jewelry, the right sunglasses can take you from drab to super star. with warm weather approaching (hopefully), it’s best to grab the fly shades now before everyone’s looking. and I know just the place to start your search for the best sunnies.

sunnies 2

Century 21 has hands down been my go-to spot for sunglasses for years. with brick and mortar locations only in New York and New Jersey (and a random spot in Philly) it’s been a well kept secret. however, they finally got their online store together so i’m spilling the tea! you can find all the top designer brands such as Ray Ban, Balmain, Givenchy and Barton Perreira, just to name a few. and the best part… you can get them for up to 75% off the original price! if you’re like me, then your summer outfits are probably super simple – a crop top and shorts is pretty much my summer uniform. i really depend on my accessories to make my clothes pop. with prices this amazing you can grab a couple different pairs with different styles and colors to really switch up your summer wardrobe!

sunnies 4

xO kirsten 🌸

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