Office Vibes 🖋️✨

unless you’re lucky enough to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, most of us report to an office every day. walking into the office with an endless array of matching cubicles can be a total buzzkill. but not to worry, you can bring your vibe to your office space and make it your own for less than you might think!


most people don’t feel like decorating their desk is a big priority, but if you think about it, we spend 1/3 of our day sitting there. having your personal style and a little ambiance is essential to creating a more comfortable and uplifting working environment. you can check out my desk below, and keep reading for the products and prices plus my favorite places to go!


all hail Amazon! the majority of my office decor came from them. they had the perfect items for my rose gold and marble theme. the range of products offered is amazing – you can probably find any style you need. in the spirit of work, i provided a bulleted list for you guys:



Marshalls never fails me when it comes to any type of decor for less. one of my favorite items on my desk is my DW Home candle which i got at Marshalls ($3). it instantly adds ambiance and some aromatherapy to give me a boost throughout the day. and trust me your desk mates will thank you!

i also got the faux plant here ($6). they have a ton of different fake plants in all different sizes and styles. so if you’re looking at add something green to your desk, this is definitely the place to go.



another hidden gem for decor, i got my faux fur pillow here ($12) as well as my mini notepad that i use as my to do list ($6).


the cup with the eyes and lips, where i keep my paper and binder clips, was a gift and the book i got for free. don’t forget to incorporate things you already have at home! also see if you’re job is willing to foot the bill for anything – they got my desk storage unit from Walmart (necessary to control your clutter, even if you can’t control everyone else’s 🙄). the best way to save money is to not spend any.

the grand total for my fab desk was just under $100 which is a small price to pay for something you’ll use everyday. one added benefit is that your coworkers can get a better sense of your personality so don’t be afraid to be extra – lord knows I’m not!

xO kirsten🌸

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