Kiki Eats: Mastro’s DTLA Review 🦞

Mastro’s recently opened a location in Downtown LA, so you know i had to go check it out. dimly lit, with dark décor its immediately a vibe as soon as you walk in. the bar and lounge area is definitely where it’s at, so i highly suggest you sit there if you’re planning to go. the back is kinda blah if you ask me. typical steakhouse vibes. you can get the full menu in the lounge so you aren’t missing out on anything. there’s also a beautiful piano where they have a singer performing live everyday andddd they accept requests too – we got to hear our fav Alicia Keys and Aaliyah songs when we went.

the drinks there are ok but the real star of the show is the food! everything i ate there was so good. prob no surprise here but my fav was definitely their lobster mac and cheese. sometimes places can be stingy with the lobster but theirs had lots of big chunks of meat and was oozing with cheese. if you prefer lobster mashed potatoes those had even more lobster (see vids below). another fav was the jumbo garlic shrimp which comes with toasted bread and sauce i literally had to keep myself from drinking lol. see below for the full video of what i ate and some flicks!

trust me you will love everything you order! let me know if you check it out and what you think.

xO kirsten aneké 🌸

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