Mini Bag Lady 👛✨

now that i live in NYC and no longer have my car/movable storage unit, i’m forced to carry everything around with me. after a day out on the town, you can go from chic to bag lady real quick. in order to maintain my fly, i’ve now become obsessed with mini purses!


my favorites at the moment are my pink Marc Jacobs and gray Rebecca Minkoff mini crossbody bags. don’t let the designer names fool you; i got both of these babies for 50% off the original price! my favorite place to purse shop is Nordstrom Rack (if you’re in the city the best one is in Union Square). if Nordstrom buys too much of a product, or isn’t able to sell it before the season’s over, it’ll probably end up at the Rack, wildly discounted. with that in mind, don’t expect to find the most recent styles fresh off the runway – i bought this lilac Spring bag in the middle of December. but if you’re willing to break the fashion rules (and could you really be boughetto fab if you weren’t?) this place is a gem! in general, if you want a designer bag but don’t want to pay a ton of money, minibags are a great way to go since they’ll be cheaper than their full size cousins. you can find the Marc Jacobs bag here. unfortunately the Rebecca Minkoff bag isn’t available online, so get your butt up and find the closest Nordstrom Rack!

xO kirsten 🌸

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