Fur Real or Faux Play Play? 🦊🐾

when temperatures in NYC start to drop below 30, i like to keep warm the old fashioned way – with a thick layer of fur! whether you prefer real or fake, i’ve got the tea on the best place for your fur frenzy.


every Winter, there’s one store that’s always on my list of spots to hit before freezing temperatures set in. Fox’s, a chain of stores that sells designer European and American fashions at a discount, turns into my version of a winter wonderland – fur everywhere! they have all different colors, styles, and garment types. from hats to scarves to jackets, Fox’s has you covered. many of the pieces you’ll find are genuine fur (a lot of the time it’s from a fox, go figure!) and reasonably priced. for those of you horrified by the thought of wearing a real animal on your neck, Fox’s also offers lots of faux fur options that are so high quality your PETA friends might still look at you sideways. i got the faux fur scarf and real fur earmuffs in the pic for around $30 each. you’re better off shopping in store than online (my favorite location is in Whippany, NJ) but you can check out their web selection here. BF BONUS: the fly leather jacket i’m wearing is also from Fox’s!

xO kirsten 🌸

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