The BF Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: What to Get Your Man ❣️

let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is all about the ladies! while this is the time for your man to spoil you with lots of love (and of course, an amazing gift), you shouldn’t leave him out. wondering what you should get? here are some boughetto fab gift ideas and a max budget you should spend based on your status!


First Date Sweethearts – Max Budget: $1. for a first date, showing up in a sexy outfit should count as a gift, but if you want some extra bonus points it’s only going to cost you a buck.  gather up your loose change and head to Dollar Tree. they have a decent (aka basic but will do the trick) collection of cards to choose from. then write a note about what you thought the first time you saw him. it can be funny, sweet or sexy, just make sure it’s creative. your future boo will appreciate your thoughtfulness. but if he doesn’t at least show up with some flowers, toss it!

Dating but Not Official – Max Budget: $15. now that you know him a bit better, you can take your thoughtful gift up a notch. bring his favorite dessert for the two of you to share after dinner, or if he’s a wine guy get him a bottle of his favorite type. think about what his hobbies are and get something small that’s related. does he love to work out? get him a new water bottle like this iPhone storage bottle. is he always travelling? get him a pillow for the flight. is he into photography? get him a photo album so he can print out his pics. this should be a little something to show him you’ve been paying attention to what he likes and that you’d make a bomb ass wifey – if he makes it that far!

Booed Up a Few Months – Max Budget: $40. we all love a man with a great sense of style. upgrade your man’s wardrobe with some new fly kicks. You might recall that Nordstrom Rack has designer minibags for the low, but they’re also great for men’s designer shoes. they even carry larger sizes with most lines having at least up to 13 and some with sizes up to 15 (insert big feet joke here). at crazy discounted prices, whether he’s into boots, sneakers or loafers you’re sure to find something that suits his style for $40 or less!


That’s Bae 1-2 Years – Max Budget: $65. there’s nothing sexier than a man that smells good. this year, get your guy a new fragrance you’ll both love. while most designer colognes cost more than this budget allows, i know the best place to get designer brands for the low! has almost all of the top names at super low prices. they even have the option to buy a tester for even less – don’t worry it’s 100% full! however it was taken out of its pretty box, which probably doesn’t matter to any boughetto fab girl.  a few of my faves are Versace (you can’t go wrong with Eau Fraiche, Eros, or Pour Homme), Paco Rabbane 1 Million, and YSL La Nuit De L’Homme.

Future Hubby 3+ Years – Max Budget: $90. once you’ve been with someone for a while, you tend to start knowing what he needs even if he doesn’t. time for something practical! did your man recently decide to pull a Rick Ross and grow out his beard because he hates to shave? if you like for him to stay nicely groomed, then this could actually be a gift for you too. get him a Bevel shaving starter kit. this set was designed specifically with coarse, curly-haired fellas in mind, but can be used on all hair types. its sharp design reduces razor bumps and ingrown hairs to keep your hubby’s face nice and smooth. he’ll be ready for lots of kisses after a shave with one of these!

if you don’t want to go with any of the gift options above, i would still suggest sticking to the budgets. fellas, if you’re wondering how much you should spend, double the numbers above (or more if your lady deserves it)!

xO kirsten 🌸

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