Must Have Mussels 💪🏾

my favorite type of food is seafood (of course). since lobster and crab legs can be pricey, i often satisfy my seafood cravings with mussels, which are less expensive. here are my top 3 favorite places to get mussels in New York City, plus the best time to go to each!

mussels 2.jpg

3. La Pulperia. La Pulperia, a Latin restaurant on the Upper East Side, uses traditional Latin flavors such as chorizo and cilantro to put a spin on the classic white wine and tomato broth you probably usually get. the result is a South American burst of flavor you’re sure to love! the best day to go is on Monday. they have all night happy hour which includes (strong) drink specials and $1 oysters!

2. Crave Fishbar. Crave Fishbar, a seafood restaurant in Midtown East,  features a weekly seafood deal, Mussel Mondays! for 17 bucks you get 2 pounds of mussels plus a side of fries. the chef offers a rotating mussel special that changes each week. Last time i went, i had some Thai curry flavored mussels that were to die for! if you’re not feeling too adventurous, Provencal style is always available. not only is Monday the best day to go, but it’s the only day to go. mussels aren’t typically on the menu at Crave. if you get there during happy hour, you can also enjoy some $1 oysters (clearly one of my other obsessions).

1. Lido. Lido, an Italian restaurant in Harlem, is my favorite place to get mussels. the best time to go is for brunch on Saturday or Sunday (definitely make a reservation). the mussels are served in a tomato broth with white beans and grilled, buttery bread. do yourself a favor and get extra bread – it’s worth the calories! for an extra $16 you can get bottomless mimosas that are guaranteed to stay full for the duration of your meal.


as a boughetto fab chick, i’m not above leftovers! make sure you bring home any mussels you couldn’t scarf down, including the broth. make some pasta the following night and add your extra mussels for an easy, delicious dinner!

xO kirsten 🌸

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